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I believe that building blocks stacked upon each other through our lives form the narrative of our stories.

In my 25 years of creative endeavours, I have always leaned on arts as a means of expression, a tool for communication and, ultimately, the overarching purpose.

Creativity flows through my veins and translates into everything I do.

My career trajectory isn’t necessarily a climb to a destination but rather a continual focus on growth – it started in one direction but then transitioned through insights, discoveries and happy accidents.


Upon completing a BA degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional painter. Over the next ten years, I built and refined my artistic vision and managed a full-fledged business, working closely with art galleries and private collectors.


Next, I turned to photography to explore the potential for artistic expression within fashion. I studied at the Portuguese Institute of Photography and built an extensive portfolio working with magazines, models, designers and stylists in Portugal and beyond, specialising in editorial and lifestyle content.


From fine art and photography to product design – my third, but not final, career change led me to investigate home textiles and ceramics at Li & Fung, a global leader in consumer goods design, development, sourcing and distribution. For ten years, I worked closely with top-tier brands – including Sonia Rykiel, Donna Wilson, Hackett, Orla Kiely, Andrew Martin, Guess and Prince – delivering compelling creative strategies rooted in style codes unique to each client, and oversaw effective project execution from start to finish.


As I gained more experience, skills and knowledge through the many different career paths, I’ve begun trusting my vision and building the confidence to take the next leap: to open my own ceramic studio and create beautiful handmade objects that would enrich people’s everyday lives.

I had always been fascinated by the materials and processes involved – from throwing clay and experimental glazing to kiln firing – as well as a wide array of possible applications.

Every day I enter the studio, I experience the same childlike playfulness and joy that have guided me since my youngest years, and I’m thrilled to set my creativity free again.

An entrepreneur and ceramic artist, I also work as an independent freelance consultant for projects in the creative fields.

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